Get Medieval

Action 1998 Windows Microids Medieval Top down

A fun shooter game

Get Medieval is a fun and humorous medieval shooter game that is mostly compared to the game Gauntlet, which is a based presumption, since the game looks and plays a lot like the aforementioned game. Still, I liked it. Besides the shooting and destroying of enemies, you also pick up items and Attack and Defense Upgrades You can play as on out of four different character, who differ in speed and strength in several game modes - Dragon Quest, Random Dungeon, or Custom Dungeon, and four difficulties. There is also a level editor for you to create custom made levels, making the gameplay almost infinite. Even without the editor, there are a lot of levels and the game lasts for a long time. Personally, I liked the game very much, and the top down perspective mixed with a 2D graphic and really nice design made the game a lot more appealing. If you like fantasy medieval games and a few laughs, be sure to try the game out.

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