Hype - The Time Quest

Action 1999 Windows UBI Soft Medieval First Person

Become the hero of time

After all those LEGO games proved to be massive hits when turned into video games, someone at Playmobil must have thought that it was a great idea if they did the same thing. And while this adventure based on the castle playsets from the company might not be as great as the best of their rival's titles, it's actually a pretty fun Zelda-style game. The story here revolves around a fantasy land where a civil war has just ended and with its greatest hero given a mighty sword to celebrate his deeds. However, a mysterious knight appears and sends the hero into the past, which is where you come in. You'll control the hero as he attempts to find his way back home, defeat the bad guy and marry his girl. The gameplay is a bit like a light version of the 3D Zelda games, being an easy-going action game where you explore a few different environments, slay some bad guys and solve some puzzles. Combat is mostly melee-focused, but you also have access to spells, while you'll need to do a lot of hunting to find objects to help you out, and with the puzzles making frequent use of the time-traveling concept. Firmly aimed at younger gamers, Hype is a pretty slick and enjoyable little game. The time-travel idea works well and is implemented with skill, with some interesting and satisfying puzzles to solve. The action is enjoyable too, with a tight combat system that is easy to use and fun. The visuals are good too, with some surprisingly detailed design work and great use of color, so when these elements are combined, you're left with a great adventure for younger gamers.

A unique game!

From the first look, I could see that this game is much more original than the typical action adventure game. With 3D graphics and LEGO-like characters clad in knightly armor, the game truly looks unique. Through the game, you will feel happiness, sadness, all the specter of emotions a human can have, for the story is very deep and beautiful, probably one of the best I've seen. 19 programmers developed this game, and 32 actors borrowed their voice for it - that probably says something about the game's quality, which is indeed superb. Gameplay is simple, with the use of keyboard buttons instead of mouse. The graphics are outstanding and the music was composed by composer Robbi Finkel, and he did a mighty great job. The kids will love the LEGO-looking characters and older kids will love it for the game's beautiful story-line and the massive action. I think this is a great game for all ages and recommend it for its uniqueness and sense of great adventure. Great job! If you want more original games, check out Twinsen's Odyssey.

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