Glider for Windows

Arcade 1994 Dos Casady & Greene Puzzle based

Flying a paper plane

How many times have you made a paper plane and pretended it was a real one while flying it in the air? Probably hundreds. In this game, you get to control a paper plane and fly it from one level to the other. It sounds pretty simple but there is a twist- while the plane flies, you can only control the up and down movements, so you have to depend on various things like air currents to change the velocity of the plane. That job gets even harder when you have obstacles to avoid or other paper planes who are there to crash into you. There are also pickups which you have to get. So you are needed to have good reflexes, speed and strategy to get to the end of the game. As simple the game is, it is equally fun and entertaining. The colors are full and beautiful to look at and the animation is outstanding, all followed by very cool music. This is a very unique and fun puzzle game and I think everybody should check it out for tons of fun and good time. For other unique puzzle games, check out Logical.

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