Arcade 1995 Windows Dosbox Fully Bugged Software Puzzle based Item collection

Fine clone of a classic but it's still a clone

If DStroy looks vaguely familiar from just a quick glance, there's a good reason for that. Like Acter World or Cruel World, this is a pretty obvious clone of a more famous game and in this case, it's the legendary hit Bomberman that is being blatantly copied. Everything on display in DStroy is basically the same as its inspiration and the game doesn't even try to add anything new to the mix to make it stand out. If you're unfamiliar with Bomberman, the basic premise here is nicely simple and requires players to make their way through a series of single screen, 2D maze-like levels which are populated by monsters and differing types of blocks, some breakable, some not. You control a sort of bomb with feet and must lay down bombs to destroy the monsters, with the explosions travelling horizontally and vertically according to their positioning in relation to the blocks, with solid blocking halting their progress. When you start out, you can only lay one bomb at a time and which has very limited range but as you advance, power-ups become available which extend their range and power, while also providing bonuses like freezing your enemies or increasing your speed. As with the original Bomberman, there is also a multi-player mode with up to four players participating simultaneously in deathmatch-style contests. As with any clone, it's difficult to look at DStroy without asking the question 'Why?' When a game fails to add anything new to the formula, it must surely be preferable to stick with the original and such is the case here. While DStroy is undeniably fun, especially with friends, it just doesn't do anything that Bomberman doesn't do better so unless you've played that game to death and want more, stick with the original and best.

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