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Path and ball puzzler; intricate, yet fun!

Logical is a cool puzzler, that is all about balls of different colors, positions in which they have to arrive at, the channels that they have to take to get there, and, also, the different boards and arrangements of these elements that have to be used just in the right manner to get things done as you want them to. Thus, Logical is thoroughly fun, it involves you quite completely, and while it is not that hard to play, it nonetheless has all the fun elements you want, for when you just want to just engage your brain, but not get your head spinning. It's, if you want, an arcade puzzler, easy to control, the kind of game you'd expect to see on a handheld device; which it actually was, since the number one platform on which it was released was the Gameboy Advance. So, when you want a game that has all the puzzly elements but the lite-ness to just play it without getting your head to spin give it a go. It's going to impress you, most definitely, and if you want a bit of a harder, puzzle experience, you should definitely give Contraption Zack a go, which is a bit harder, still hardy puzzler, and really beautiful graphically, kind of at the same level of abstraction gameplay wise.

A very challenging puzzle game

Logical is a kind of game that is very easy to understand but very, very hard to master. As in most puzzle games (like the game Lose your marbles), it is extremely addictive and challenging. There are balls of various colors coming to you, and you have containers enough for four balls, and you have to arrange said balls in a way that one container has four balls of the same colors. At first it is very easy, but as the number of containers raises and more and more balls with more different colors start coming your way, the game gets real intense. The game requires quick thinking and logic and it is very hard, so it would take months to finish the game completely. The design is fantastic, considering the game is made in '91, and there is also a neat music playing in the background with very authentic sound effects. I would suggest this game for both adults and kids, because it is a great and very fun way to train your brain and, basically, because the game is fantastic. Two thumbs up!

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