Arcade 1995 Dos Edward Mueller Epic Puzzle based

Minimal spider crawl game; fun!

Kix is a well produced, well polished game, that has all the elements that you'd love to see in such a game; it has the backgrounds that you have to cover and claim, it has the little enemies that you have to avoid and the boss enemies that take special care and attention to build your claiming around them. Graphically, even if this game was released in 95, its style and art direction tends to be a little mid 80ish looking. The enemies for instance are made out of lines only, but their animations are cool, as they look like some sort of computer glitches! There are sufficient levels to go through, and while it would have been cool to be enticed by some additional backgrounds to uncover, Kix is nonetheless alright looking and sufficiently diverse as it is, and it gives you enough reason to play. And, overall, Kix is also a low resource game, and you can have it around at any time, when you need a few minutes to take the stress for a walk! Another cool game of the same gameplay mix is Strong Lines, similarly Spartan graphically, but nonetheless, well polished, well produced and exciting to look at. So, have them both in your collection. They're worth it, for sure!

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