Grand Touring

Racing 1998 Windows Empire Interactive Driving Gran Turismo

Arcade racing GT game

Empire Interactive is famous for bringing such great arcade racing games like Ford Racing and FlatOut. Now Grand Touring is an arcade version of GT racing game that Empire had made a great job on. The game is mostly just about racing on different tracks with different cars. There's a selection of 8 tracks, where you can choose between four type of weather and the choice of a mirrored version of the track. Now that's what I call variety! There's a good selection of cars two, but you can only drive in two at first, the others ones should be unlocked by winning different championships. The gameplay is typical of any racing game. The AI can sometimes get bad, but you may consider it a glitch, this is annoying especially when you're taking a corner, then suddenly a car bumps into your rear end and make you slip off the track. The controls need some time to get used to, fortunately, just a race or two. Grand Touring is definetely a fun arcade experience and I recommend to all the gamers out there, especially to fans of racing games or arcade style games.

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