Sega Touring Car Championship

Racing 1997 Windows SEGA Rally Driving Gran Turismo

Start your engines!

Sega is no stranger to top notch racing games, having released classics like Outrun, Power Drift and Sega Rally over the years, but sadly this one doesn't quite hit the same heights. It's not a terrible game by any means, but given the caliber of previous releases from the company, it is a little disappointing. This one gives players the chance to speed around in some super nippy touring cars, with four main options on offer here, including an Alfa Romeo, Toyota Supra and Mercedes C-Class. There are also a few hidden ones and the range here offers a mix of four-wheel and rear-wheel drive, which adds much to the game's challenge. It's actually a lot more difficult than the company's other arcade racers and you really need some good driving skills to succeed here. You get a range of modes to play around with, including Time Attack and Championship, while there are three main courses to race around, along with an extra one if you're good enough. As an arcade conversion, this is largely decent stuff and any flaws with the game stem from its arcade origins. The principal problem is the criminal lack of tracks, with only four main ones to enjoy (although a few more are unlockable), which does seem pretty mean when compared to more modern racers, but which was fairly normal for arcade games from the period. The ones that are on offer though are pretty good, with lots of twists and turns to make for a largely exciting racer. Throw in some typically nice Sega visuals and a good sense of speed and you have a fun, if less than classic, driving experience.

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