GT Racing '97

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Average arcade-style driving

Another arcade-style race which eschews realism in favour of out and out driving fun, GT Racing is fairly standard example of the genre which doesn't really do anything wrong but ends up as merely average. As you would expect, the game features a variety of upgradeable cars and on- and off-road tracks, and sees you competing against direct rivals as well as dealing with regular traffic as you travel around the world. The graphics here are still pleasing enough, with a good sense of speed and some nicely detailed and varied environments to race through, which are enough to keep your attention. There are some noticeable problems with collision detection, with cars seemingly able to move through one another but on the whole visuals are impressive for the time. The tracks themselves are generally well-designed and entertaining, with plenty of twists and turns, and even a few jumps here and there, while the computer-controlled opponents put up a decent enough fight and will challenge you for the top spot. Sound effects are unspectacular, with the usual droning engine noises, but the music seems curiously out of place and does grate somewhat. As mentioned, handling for the cars is arcade-style rather than realistic but this adds to the fun and helps to make GT Racing an enjoyable, if unremarkable racer, which fans of Need for Speed or the Test Drive series should find amusing.

Stunning race game

With great graphics and design, rich texture and fantastic animation, GT Racing is truly a great racing game and stands out from most of the racing games from that time. The game is reminiscent of the Need For Speed game in the old days. It has fun and challenging tracks that are so realistic that you will uncounciously notice your head and sholders moving along with the car while making turns and bends. You see the track from the drivers point of view, but you don't only see the track through the windshield, but you also see your drivers hands as they are steering the wheel which and shifting gears is only making the whole experience more realistic, making you believe that you are infact the one driving the car. The only objection I can make is that the soundtrack feels like it's out of place, like it's more for an advenure arcade than a racing game, but the other game sounds are very good and authentic. GT Racing is fun, it looks greeat, and is a great choice for the whole family.

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