Jet Set Willy

Action 1999 Dos Dosbox Andy Noble Platformer Puzzle based

Fun platform puzzle game

Jet Set Willy is a particular kind of game, platform puzzle game which involves puzzle and adventure sprinkled with role playing elements which provides a lot of fun. The character in the game is Miner Willy who has the task to explore around 20 different caverns in search of treasure and fortune and then use tis fortune to build his mansion. The player this time will also have to explore the mansion which has been added with a lot more detail in terms of exploration. The game though has a typical plot, but all the elements of the gameplay has been so well designed that it looks very interesting as you start to play it. The level designs in the game are very enchanting and they are also distinctive without any item or element of the gameplay being repeated. The graphics are also crisp and detailed and they have added a lot of colors to make it more indulging. The game is similar to Manic Miner which is also a great game in this category which has almost the same theme. The puzzles in this game are quite logical and the user interface is quite user friendly. So it is worth a play and I would recommend it to all.

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