Croc 2

Action 1999 Windows Fox Interactive Platformer 3D

Croc will win your sympathy for sure!

This game presents a cute green character that will make you get stuck to this game for long hours. Croc is its name, and he has a difficult mission. He goes on a quest with the main mission to find his parents but first, he has to rescue the Gobbos kings. This is a free roaming 3D game, with 48 entertaining levels that take place in a village. You will beat bosses and collect certain objects through secret and regular levels. The bosses/monsters are beaten only at the end of the levels. You will reach the lost levels as soon as you collect the right jigsaw piece in the secret levels, and fight certain bosses. You won't use weapons when attacking your enemies, only special maneuvers. A challenging game that will take you to dangerous realms, with various holes full of obstacles, monsters, and many more. Your goal is to solve the mini-quests in order to reach your relatives. The nice and fun part of the game stays in the right balance of the obstacles: they aren't so numerous, and not so boring or in a small number. The same discussion with the level of difficulty: not so hard, or too easy. Just like in other platformer games, you will have to achieve crystals in order to buy hearts and other useful items to help you in the adventure. Play it, because the main character will win your sympathy for sure!

A fantastic sequel

After the first Croc game won my heart many times over, I just had to try out the game's sequel as soon as possible. And I wasn't sorry. The gameplay is now much more complex than in the original game, since, instead from finding the six Gobbos in every level, he now has to perform various tasks to win the game. You now have only one life and nine hearts and every time you take damage or fall into a pit of lava, you lose one heart. Croc now has some new set of moves, like an extra jump. There are four villages Croc must go through to finish the game, and a lot of cure characters, both good and evil. The game's graphics are great, a high quality 3D rendered visual system that you will fall in love with instantly. The game's soundtrack is also superb, with guitarist Simon Glosing also pitching in the music. If you like the original Croc game you will definitely love this great addition.

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