Rocks and Diamonds

Action 1998 Windows Artsoft Entertainment Platformer Puzzle based

It's a Boulderdash clone but a good one

Rock and Diamonds is another one of those games, like Acter World, Cruel World or DStroy, that is hard to look at objectively. Taken from the perspective of playing the game in isolation, it's a perfectly enjoyable little arcade-style puzzler that is an entertaining time-waster. However, like the previously mentioned games, when you realise it is a clone of a much more famous game, you have to question the reason for its existence. In this case, Rocks and Diamonds is Boulderdash clone and while it adds in plenty of new levels to enjoy, there are no real additions or innovations that change the essential gameplay. Your simple goal is to explore a series of 2D maze-like levels, collecting gems and avoiding hazards while you head for the exit. You can dig out dirt to make rocks fall so that you can get at those hard-to-reach gems or making them fall on the various enemies' heads. That's about it for the main game, but it does also include levels converted from other Boulderdash clones and there are a few extra features like dynamite, locked doors and acid which mix things up a little. There is also a neat little level editor so you can create your own fiendish masterpiece to challenge your friends. Taken by itself, Rocks and Diamonds is a clever little game and there is plenty of challenge to be found here, with some well-designed levels that will test your reactions and quick-thinking skills. The controls are nice and responsive and while the graphics are simple and lacking in real personality, they are certainly effective enough, so if you are looking for a pretty straightforward Boulderdash clone, this is definitely worth checking out. However, as with any clone you can't help but think you're better off with the original.

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