Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas, The

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Travel back in history

This is actually an add-on pack for the pretty impressive medieval life simulator Guild 2 which built successfully on the foundations of Europa 1400: The Guild. The basics are obviously similar to the base game and if you are a fan of that title, then you'll find much to enjoy here. The essential idea of things is to build up a dynasty in Europe during the 15th Century and which allows players to make use of every strategic trick at their disposal to do so. You can do everything from hire craftsmen and henchmen, to bribing and blackmailing officials and of course trading. This addition throws players into the role of a poor fisherman and introduces a story-driven single-player campaign for the first time which sees you uncovering the dark secret of your family. Other new elements here include maritime trade and combat, some new large maps to fight over, new career options and buildings, as well as smaller details like titles and diseases which add to the complexity. If you're into you complex but accessible strategy games and enjoy this period in history, then this is a great choice of game. It's extremely detailed but not overwhelming so even if you haven't played this sort of thing before, it's easy to get into. There's no shortage of activities to engage in, and whatever your playstyle, you'll find something to please you here. The visuals are quite lush and atmospheric, evoking the period well, and are backed up some pleasant sound, while the controls are fluid and intuitive. This really is a top notch bit of historical strategy gaming so check it out if that's your bag.

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