Panzer Elite Action

Simulation 2008 Windows Nordic Games Tank sim Military

Boom time!

Tank fans in search of a new fix for their preference for vehicular-based destruction should probably check out this good value pack. It combines the original Panzer Elite with the expansion pack Dunes of War and while neither game is as detailed as something like M1 Tank Platoon, they're both solid action-oriented experiences. The base game gives you three WWII-based campaigns to play through, one each for the Russians, Americans, and Germans, and which let you control the appropriate tanks on a series of high-octane missions which generally involve blowing stuff up in chaotic fashion. The missions feature shifting objectives, which makes them a little unpredictable while other features include destructible environments and the option to give orders to your teammates. Dunes of War adds two more campaigns, where you can experience the war in North Africa as either a German or American commander, with the German objective being to enter the Sahara and the American to drive the Germans out of Africa. As far as action-based tank games go, this series is a pretty solid one and this pack certainly offers good value. The original game is hugely enjoyable but easy to get into, so it's not really for true treadheads but the action is undeniably fun and there's a real satisfaction which comes from being in command of a powerful steel beast. The campaigns are challenging and varied while the expansion pack adds more variety and longevity to what is already a long-lived game. For tank fans, this is a great choice.

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