The Guild 2

Strategy 2007 Windows JoWooD Productions Software Organized forces Medieval Simulation Rpg simulation strategy Rpg Historical

Micromanaging to the victory

Seeing how real life sims flooded the market after the original Sims, it was only a matter of time when one such game will be placed in the middle ages. Fortunately for us, the developer of this nifty title thought more than just life simulation. In one game you will get Sims, Patrician, Sim City (to some extent) and if you so choose a nicely done RPG without much combat. The role you take in this one is that of a lowly peasant determined to climb the upper scales of society. In order to do so, you will have to start your own business, hire workers, marry and have progeny that will carry your line in the future. While doing all that, you can engage in thievery or you can run for public office in your home town. Whatever rocks your boat. It seems that too much is rarely good, and in this case i would say that is definitely the case. While the game has some rewarding and quite funny aspects, you will have to manually solve most of its MANY requirements in order to succeed. While micromanaging can be fun, and truly rewarding if you're into that kind of stuff, there are some limits beyond which, it simply becomes tedious. You can enjoy this game fully, if you have a good supply of medication that will prevent you from ripping your hair out, or you just like to punish yourself for some evil deed you committed. Graphics and sound are good, and enhance the gameplay. I only recommend this to folks that really, really like micromanaging sims, because anyone else will likely end up in Arkham.

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