Guild Wars

Action 2005 Windows Buka Entertainment Myth and legend Medieval Role playing

The war starts here

The original Guild Wars is the way that online RPGs should be done, with a detailed setup and background, compelling gameplay and most importantly, no subscription fees. At its time of release, it was a superb example of the type of thing that Elder Scrolls fans lapped up and made for a hugely satisfying experience. This one takes place in the well-developed land of Tyria, a fantasy kingdom that is rife for exploring thanks to its rich background and history which just oozes from every environment you explore, with characters that just leap off the screen. The game starts just before the events of the Great Searing, a terrible day which will require heroes to step forth and fulfill their destiny. What follows is a gripping action/RPG filled with the usual mix of quests, subquests, missions, and so on, much of which can be played with or against other human players and which will take you to a wide variety of environments and reveal more about this fascinating world. Although looking a little long in the tooth now, there's no denying that Guild Wars is a fine game. Although it didn't really do anything different from other similar such games, it's the sheer execution that makes this one so good. The world really is a great one to explore and there's a real sense of adventure as you head out into the unknown and which is aided by the still decent visuals which are atmospheric and detailed. The gameplay is familiar stuff but always exciting and interesting, making this a fine example of the genre.

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