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Experimental third person rabbits filled action game

Lugaru and its better looking Lugaru HD sibling started out as one man's experimentation with 3D gaming related development suites. However, the fumbling around developed sufficiently enough for this game to actually begin to contour itself, and become a standalone game, with its own universe and its own rules. What the game lacks, however, is a cogent, coherent story. Instead it is more of a sandbox type environment in which you control bipedal rabbits which can fight, run, run into obstacles or fight with a diversity of other means. The game is a dumb kind of fun, really, but the community that has amassed around it, doe to the online presence of the developer has meant that there are lots of mods for this one plus a lot of other upcoming official content. So, give it a try just because even now, after so many years of development Lugaru is still a work in progress, adding new depths of interaction, in a way trying to create the same kind of community that Minecraft has amassed, but this time not for the world building but for the experimentation with ragdolls and with player controls.

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