Wolfenstein 3D

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox id Software Military Shooter War

The grandfather of the FPS

Now this is a classic! If you're into hardcore shooters like Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem, then Wolfenstein 3D is a must play. Fast and frenetic, loud and dirty, violent and intense, this is an FPS of a style they don't make too often these days and reminds you how it can be done. Although lacking in sophistication and subtlety, Wolfenstein makes up for it by simply being a hell of a lot of fun. The plot, such at is, revolves around an American spy's escape from the notorious Castle Wolfenstein, where he was held captive for attempting to steal top secret Nazi military plans. After the escape, players get sucked into a world where the Nazis are attempting to create an army of undead mutants with which to seize ultimate power and where they must use an array of immensely destructive weaponry in order to stop them. Of course, this is all just an excuse for several chapters of insane and over-the-top run and gun action. Anyone looking for tactical depth and complexity had better not bother with Wolfenstein as the game is simply tough and violent shooter which requires a fast trigger finger and a strong stomach. Level design is mean and moody, while the enemies are varied, smart and imaginative (mecha-Hitler anyone?). Although the weapons on display here are limited, they are loud, destructive and immensely satisfying to unleash upon your enemies. Graphically, the game is dated but retains its 90s charms with chunky, detailed sprites and atmospheric environments. Sound too is appropriately meaty, with plenty of vivid effects to accentuate the blasting action. Wolfenstein is required play for nostalgia-loving shooter fans, and although it is undeniably simple, it is a genre classic.

Another great epsiode to this FPS series

"Wolf" is a first person shooter game involving military action and has a somewhat molded plot from the history of Nazis. Well no need to go in the plot of the game as the goal that you have here as an allied spy is to kill the enemy and advance on in levels. This version is basically the fourth episode in the series and the whole series has been brilliant. You have to kill the enemies and make your way to the elevator to exit from each level. The enemies in the game are the deadly SS, the guards and the officers and they have their own difficulty levels. The gameplay is quite diverse in terms of the level designs and in terms of the way you can counter the enemies. You can either kill them to reach the exit or can even sneak through behind their backs. Every enemy you kill will give you points and the levels which are nine in total have been filled with many power ups and bonuses that not only increase your power but also your weapons. The shooting action in the game is spot on and very addictive. The graphics and the controls work fine and the game has a great replay value. Another episode in this series which I love is the Spear of Destiny.

A good one

This is a good one. My favourite episode I have to say is number four, though don't ask me why! But the enemies, ... Aha! those guards are fanatics, the SS are deadly, the officers are die-hards, and the mutants are pow-disease! I like to sometimes play with no sound so I have the knowledge that when I go through a door I have 1 second to go in and see if a sneak is hiding there! More than one second... Poor B.J! All in all this game is great fun. In fact, the only thing with which I don't agree is Apogee's choice of the 4th weapon: the chaingun. I may be ignorant, but I did not realise the germans hoarded chainguns in their castles, especially as the chaingun was not invented at the time of the II World War!

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