Hard Drivin' 2

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The same game as the original, with more options

Hard Drivin' 2 does not alter the experience of the original cabinet arcade racer. Instead it wants to add a few amenities to make the game more palatable for DOS users. This includes extras such as track editors, save functions and a PC interface, a menu. In terms of what the game offers, it is your straightforward racer, arcade style, with fast action and no concern for the veracity or physical aspects of driving. But, nevertheless, it manages to create a nice experience, one that is very well captured, and very well delivered. So, if you feel like some arcade driving, like in the good days of the actual arcades, Hard Drivin' 2 is a better option than many other racers from the era. It will remind you of Ridge Racer but rather with more crude graphics. At any rate, I would give it a definitive thumbs up, while warning you that you will need to wash off any pretensions of veracity that you might have. This is not a game to want to be credible, physically, by no means at all! So, try it out if you want, but expect noting extraordinary.

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