Ford Simulator 2

Racing 1990 Dos Dosbox Ford Motor Company Car simulation Driving

Well done racer, focused on the Ford roaster of vehicles

General Motors was a great player in the vehicle manufacturing niche, and, to insure that they would ensnare the generations to come, they commissioned and put out little games, freeware style, like this one here. The gameplay was by no means simulation bound, instead what the developers wanted to produce was an easy to control kind of experience, one that offered you just lookalike vehicles, without making the effort to produce vehicles that behaved like the real thing. But, nonetheless, this game managed to be alright, highly playable, highly poli8shed graphically and, also, a very interesting experience from A to Z. By no means did the developers want to create a game that would be a staple of gameplay, but, for what it's worth, they made this one better than the first release, Ford Simulator the first. So, yeah, it's an alright game, playable, features an exclusive roaster of vehicle models from the Ford roaster and, generally, it's well suited for playing a few times, though not your racer to go, to return to lots of times.

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