Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge

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Does a lot with very little

Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge is a game that shows that you don't need a lot to create a good, if not optimum, racing experience. Granted, the game also features only oval NASCAR courses, which probably made it easier for the developers to create the game. Also, you are confided to the interior of your vehicle, probably to keep the animated pixel count lower. But, with these little bit of hardware requirements, it still managed to create a game that is playable, intense and very simulation prone, to the limits. You can run for an unholy amount of laps if you want that kind of realism, or, alternatively, you can choose to go for a more relaxed experience, one that will not be as taxing on you, and your attention span. Yeah, it's not the most abundant in detail game out there, but that minimalism can be said to be an esthetic of it that some will love. It reminded me of the 4D Sport Driving title which is just as minimalist and still fun to play. So, yeah, given them a try, and if you're a retro NASCAR fan you'll find this one satisfactory, for sure.

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