Hard Truck 2

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A fantastic truck simulation game

Hard Truck 2 is the second installment in the Hard Truck game series, a very good truck simulation. In this game, you control an amazing variety of trucks all across the country, and deliver cargo to various cities, some of them imitation of real US cities. As in all the Hard Truck games, the scenery is absolutely amazing. You can see everything in crystal clear high quality 3D graphics and the view is just stunning. You have several camera views, both from inside the truck and in a third person perspective. The simulation is incredibly realistic, so you have to be careful how you drive, since you can top your cargo and destroy your truck. Different from other truck simulations like Hard Truck: Road to Victory, you don't get to race other trucks, but rather concentrate on delivering your cargo and making money, which later enables you to modify and upgrade your truck. So, if you're into racing games, this is not for you. This game is more for truck enthusiasts that wish to know how it is to be a truck driver and with this game, they can take a peek in a typical truck driver's day on the job. Great work, recommended!

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