Heathkit DND

RPG 1985 Dos Fantasy Turn based Real time

You will never escape the realm of Dungeons and Dragons!

Now this is something of a curiosity. It's another take on the classic Dungeons and Dragons form of roleplaying game but which was originally written for the rather obscure Heathkit Z-150 computer and which was later ported to DOS. If you enjoy your lone dungeon crawling adventures and like classics like Bard's Tale and Dungeon Quest, then this makes for a entertaining trip down a fantasy memory lane. The basic idea of the game is to explore a series of fifty dungeons with the ultimate aim of tracking down the mysterious Lord Master. The game makes use of classic D&D rules and starts out in similar fashion to other such adventures. You get to create a character and then enter the first dungeon, which is viewed in topdown fashion. Your surroundings are displayed using simple old-school graphics, while you also have status information and messages displayed onscreen to keep you updated. The while thing is played out turn-based fashion but you only have limited time to enter your choices so you have to think quickly. As usual, there's plenty of monsters to encounter, ranging from skeletons to dragons, as well as lots of traps, treasure and spells to uncover and to keep you on your toes. As far as old-school RPGs go, this is pretty decent stuff. It is of course lacking in visual flash but it remains characterful enough in that retro way. The gameplay is now familiar stuff but again it still manages to keep its appeal and the time-delay system helps rack up the tension by making you really think about your actions. If you're in the market for a proper bit of fantasy dungeon exploring, you could do far worse than check this one out.

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