Dungeon Quest

RPG 1985 Dos Fantasy Third Person Turn based

Exploring we go

Anyone familiar with the Warriors of Ras series of fantasy RPGS and who enjoyed them, might be tempted to check out this rather similar looking game and in actual fact it offers much the same kind of experience. It's not exactly a classic but for a bit of simple old-school dungeon crawling, you could do worse. In typical RPG fashion you have to create your characters before you get into the nitty gritty of gameplay and there is nice range of classes that will be familiar if you've ever played Dungeons and Dragons. Once this is done, all through the roll of electronic dice, you should then stop by the shop and stock up on weapons and armour, as you're really going to need it for for is about to come. Once you're in the game proper, you're presented with a very basic top down view of a dungeon and all you really have to do is wander around, slaying monsters, looking for treasure and generally trying to find your way out. There's absolutely nothing in the way of story to get in the way of the action, so if are looking for a well developed world and rich narrative, then check out Bard's Tale instead. What there is however, is plenty of simple retro action, so if you do like games such as Rogue and Hack, you may find some enjoyment here. There's a pretty steep difficulty curve, which makes your first few forays in the dungeon a bit tricky but stick with it and you'll find yourself getting further and further. However, it's not long before you realise that there isn't much to the game beyond what you see in the few half hour so unless you're a dedicated fan of this kind of thing, you're not missing much if you skip this one.

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