Beneath Apple Manor

RPG 1983 Dos Dosbox Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

A roguelike search for the golden Apple!

Golden apples you say? Hmm, this sounds a bit like the trappings and makings of a certain computer company! Apple! Yes! This game was at first designed as a Rogue like experience for the fussy folk of Apple computing devices (!) and thus, it had to have something original, something that was a bit more interesting for that brand of people, who don't mind spending hugely on devices or services that are differentiated only by an increase in prize! Alright, I won't be anymore of an Apple basher in my description of this game, but, what it's to note, for anyone in the know of the history of software and hardware that Apple made is that this game here seems to have taken some of the elements of design from the company that made it. What might these be? Well, elegance of design, as the game uses just a few blocks to design the top down world. Then, again, the player character is described by a very small number of indicators: health and weapon. Yep, no additional elements. And, as far as randomization goes, this game does a good job at creating a good amount of varied interior spaces even if it doesn't have so many distinct elements to create hugely different dungeons every new game. At any rate, download Telengrand alongside it, for a similar companion roguelike!

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