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Text based D and D adventure engine

Well, I can't really put my finger on this 84 game/editor/thing. What it is supposed to do is aid you in playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons, aiding you by spinning the dice for you, by keeping track of your progress and by doing some other tedious tasks for you, tasks which you might otherwise hate so much that you'd not give this social game a try. But, unfortunately, the game uses only a text based interface. So, now, instead on just focusing ont eh rule book of your game, you have to have a PDF with the manual of this creation around. Not only that, but you'll also have to type the commands as you go, and that can really take you out of the game, aggravate your friends and just see you put out of the experience. So, take my advice: take the Dee Dee approach to Dungeons and Dragons: make up your rules as you go, or use a simplified rule set, so that you can just enjoy your game and your friends. Want a D and D game you can actually play?! Well, here's a few: Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard, an action RPG with modern day graphics and top down controls (RTS style) or Tower of Darkness, a 3D Roguelike worth its weight in gold!

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