Helter Skelter

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Assembly Line Arcade style Top down

Pinball and Marble Madness in one!

Helter Skelter is a cool remix of both a pinball digitization as well as a game with Marble Madness undertones. You control a ball both by flipping it around, as in pinball, but you have control over it directly, as in Marble Madness. While it might sound gimmicky, it actually proves sufficiently playable and actually fun. The original game was released for the home computers of the late 80s era, and so, the graphics aren't all that impressive; but the art direction is still pretty alright, and playing the game won't really put a strain on your eyes. Sure, at times a more contrasting color scheme, between the foreground and the background would have served us better, but as it is, is still alright. Plus, the game is 2D, and so it is immediately recognizable. On the later levels, the challenges become ever more difficult, with more hazards and puzzles to go through and with bonuses too, so that it is worth your while. It's a gimmicky game at times, as the controls are not the most straightforward, but it's playable with a minimum of effort to learn the controls.

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