Marble Madness

Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Brainteaser Reflex oriented

One of the classic guide the ball puzzles

Marble Madness is a well known puzzler, very easy to play and quite addictive. In it, your task is to guide a sphere through a maze of roads, which will put your hand and eye coordination to the test. The challenge is to defeat the momentum of the sphere especially when cornering and to try to avoid pitfalls, some certain surfaces that damage the sphere as well as a set of enemies which are not static, but may follow your around. Graphically, the game is built on a 2D engine; however, the perspective is set so that you will immediately see it as 3D. So, overall, with a easy learning curve and progressively harder tracks to lead your little marble through, you will find the game very addictive, always waiting to see what the next level will bring. The game started a genre of its own and it would be a shame to not give it a try, as it is still very playable today, without any inconveniences to turn you off to the game. You can play it in five minutes sessions or longer ones with the same ease and you will keep returning to it, as it has a very zen like quality!

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