Action 1986 Dos Arcade style Top down

Gobble the cherries

The rather bizarrely named Gnafu is an unoriginal take on the classic Snake-style game that offers little in the way of either innovation or visual flash and which thus ends up being little more than a pointless time waster which is best avoided. If you've ever played Snake on your mobile phone or checked out something like Centipede, you'll know exactly what to expect from Gnafu and this is perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the game, that it adds almost literally nothing new to the genre. The goal as ever is to control your little caterpillar and move him around the screen, gobbling down cherries while avoiding mushrooms and walls. Chomping on the cherries causes the caterpillar to grow in length and if you manage to grab them all, you move on to the next randomly generated level where the whole process is repeated all over again. Like other arcade classics, such as Pacman and Space Invaders, it's little more than a pure exercise in high score attainment and if you enjoy the purity of such a quest, there may be some enjoyment for you here. There's nothing overly wrong with Gnafu that can't be forgiven due to its age, such as weak, uninteresting graphics and sound, while the controls are as responsive and intuitive as you could hope for and which make the game a breeze to play. It is certainly fun to play when you're in an undemanding mood but as with all the other clones of classic hits like PC Man and Acid Tetris, it's hard to recommend Gnafu simply because it rides on the coattails of others without bringing anything new to the table.

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