Heretic II

Action 1998 Windows Activision Shooter Medieval

Better graphics, better level layouts, a must play

You may have heard of Heretic from your older gamer friends, and, if you've seen a bit of the game, maybe you thought that it was way too oldschool for you. Might as well be true, but that's no reason to forfeit the entire series. Because, by the time Heretic II came along, a lot had changed in 3D third persona dn first person games. In fact, so much more had changed that you wouldn't even think that this is a game that had anything to do with the pixilated first. But what it shares with the first is its action orientation, its love for magic (which doesn't go out of its way to complicate things, just select your spell and you're set) and, this time, a graphics engine that has achieved modern status. It's also so much easier to control, as your regular mouse and WASD controls apply here as well, so you don't have to fiddle with some complicated control scheme. It's immediate, easy to grasp and fun throughout. Storywise, you'll be transported in a medieval fantasy land and from there on you'll be tasked with all sort of errands, but don't worry, you need not keep track of your progression, the game is level based, and mostly straightforward in what it needs you to do. So, not only a must play, but a game modern enough to easily support modern day 3D action game tastes.

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