Action 1994 Dos Raven Software Corporation Shooter Horror Medieval

Go kill yourself some demons

Heretic is a fantastic horror fist-person shooter game that is considered as one of the best and most revolutionary of the nineties. Along with other games that use the same engine from Id Software (such as its spiritual predecessor, Doom), it sports fantastic graphics for that time, enormously fun (and violent!) gameplay and tons of action that will last for days. What's unique for Heretic is that it uses magic as well as weapons and the game was revolutionary at the time for the player's ability to look up and down in the game as well as fly. The game oozes with a fantastically dark and evil atmosphere which gets even stronger with the spooky sound effects, such as evil laughter and chains rattling. The very dark colors that are in contrast with the red blood that is scattered everywhere turn this atmosphere up to the max. Heretic would be the perfect choice for all those who like hack and slash fantasy RPG's (I am thinking at Diablo), but in a first person view a well as everybody who is out for an evil and violent good time. Truly a unique game perfect for the blood thirsty.

A classic Doom-style game

This is an excellent game. This is classic Doom with a fantasy twist. I found it extremely interesting that a fantasy game could be made with almost exclusively ranged weapons: the Ethereal Crossbow is my personal favorite. It's fast paced, the music is atmospheric, your character laughs evilly every time he picks up a new weapon (as opposed to the doomguy's evil grin)It was also the first shooter I remember having an inventory system. I highly recommend this game and it's semi-sequel, Hexen.

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