Clive Barker's Undying

Action 2001 Windows Aspyr Media Horror Medieval Shooter

Classic action FPS

It is an FPS action game which has a very interesting and a lengthy plot to say the least. The plot involves a family who has a curse to die early with a disease. To sum up the plot, you are the last member of the family who is also dying of cancer and you now decide to unfold the mystery and free the spirits of your ancestors that wonder in the mansion. You call upon a person who has been in war and also knows how to tackle evil spirits. So that is how the action starts as you control this person who goes around different location on earth and in the mansion to search out for clues and killing creatures and monsters that come in the path. The game is sheer action so you have a good range of weapons like a pistol a short gun, a freeze ray gun etc. You will collect these weapons while fighting with enemies and evil spirits at different levels. The gameplay also requires the use of spells to tackle the evil spirits. The graphics are excellent and so are the user interface and the controls of the game. Try Hexen 2 as well and make both a part of your collection.

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