Hunting Unlimited 3

Sport 2004 Windows ARUSH Entertainment Other sports Shooter

Modern hunting sim, with huge, sprawling environments

The interactivity of Hunting Unlimited 3 is what we have come to expect from such games: you roam around the map partly hoping to encounter some wild animal, partly trying to attract it via pheromones, via specific sounds and so on. The game is neither better nor worse at this mechanic than most other era's hunting games, but where it ups the ante is the size of the maps it puts you in. This game is genuinely huge, with maps that seem to be never ending, and also with really nice atmospheric renderings. What this means is that you will never hit the end of a map, most of the times, and it means that the game allows you to play for very long hours. Also, Hunting Unlimited 3 makes hunting more interesting as it includes a shot cam. If you manage to hit your prey, a cut scene is rendered which shows the trajectory of your bullet, cartridge, which is a nice plus. Especially given how rare the actual shooting sequences are. Want an extra of challenge? Go hunting without a scope and you'll really have a hard time shooting anything. Move closer to the prey to even your chances and you'll find that the animals are easily alarmed by the smells, nicely given away by the simulation of air flow. Not really in the mood for waiting patiently for a kill? Well, then, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts will offer you a much more action packed hunting game, a much faster, arcade type action game. Stay with Hunting Unlimited if you're a true hardcore hunting believer.

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