Hunting Unlimited 2

Sport 2003 Windows ARUSH Entertainment Other sports Shooter

Realistic hunting game with modern graphics

The Hunting Unlimited series is a shooting series at its core but the setting, the premise and the delivery put it in a class of its own. It is the correspondent of what driving games are in the Hard Truck; yes, it could be called a racing game, but it is definitely very special. Anyway, not to take this comparison too far, what you need to understand is that most of your playing sessions will consist of large chunks of time spent tracking the prey, trying not to be seen, heard, smelled or otherwise scare the game. This in the game will be mainly bucks, deer and some other wild animals, all the critters that live in wooden areas but also in some other type habitats. Thus, given that you won't be in for a shooting frenzy, make sure that this is your game of choice. In it, patience and a cool, controlled type of taking the challenge will be the most rewarding, while going in all guns blazing will do nothing. The game will offer you quite a few different species of game as well as a nice arsenal to choose from, mainly hunting weaponry, though, if you really feel like taking in a challenge, picking one of the few bows or crossbows will create an even more intense hunting session. Have a great, game filled game with Hunting Unlimited 2!

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