Hunting Unlimited

Sport 2001 Windows ARUSH Entertainment Other sports Shooter

Hunting simulator that puts simulation ahead shooting

This first game in the Hunting Unlimited series wasted no time in learning, or, rather, adopting it s recipe. It is true that some titles, especially shooting games might have some remnant of verisimilitude to some aspect of the real world, but when it comes to simulation hunting; Hunting Unlimited is definitely the best at it. That is because the game doesn't sacrifice kill count to the expense of you getting bored. It risks you getting bored, but by doing that, tracking, luring and staying hid make the game a lot more intense and a lot more ready to surprise you and to enchant you. Yes, not all of us can take a rifle and go hunt in the wild, but with this one game that is the actual point. You will take a lot of time trailing around and trying to uncover the prey and the rifle that you use will make all the difference. Some will want to hunt iron sight only, others will be looking to hunt with the aid of a telescope and so on. The game is thus an intense one, but again, don't expect a shooting gallery type game. You might take real world tens of minutes if not more to spot some game, and if you miss your shot that can end your hunting for the time being. But, for dedicated hunting sim lovers it delivers a really well rounded experience.

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