Simulation 1997 Windows Interactive Magic Flight Military

Thrilling gameplay is its feature

It is a fighter flight simulation game where the action is based on battles happening in Ukraine and Bosnia. The game has a lot of modes which involves a single battle mode and the campaign mode which is really diverse and fun to play. The iF-22 aircraft that you fly in the game has been very well designed and the flight physics has been implemented quite well. The gameplay involves some really good dogfights and a lot of on-ground enemy targets that you have to destroy. The game also offers a great 3D support which makes the gameplay even more detailed and exciting. Satellite pictures have also been used in the game to perfection. The controls of the aircraft have been quite realistically implemented as you cannot just do whatever you like without any proper control. This feature has really made the gameplay competitive and gives you a real tough time on board. The graphics in the game apart from the 3D support are also good and the game has a lot of exploring elements which makes the gameplay very diverse. The user interface is ordinary but the level designs are full of innovations. I have been a big fan off WarBirds as well and I always recommend that game to all flight simulation lovers.

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