Strike Commander

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Flight Military Combat Modern

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Wing Commander like, but set on Earth

Strike Commander offers you a cool war torn earth, with the Soviet Union having just dissipated under US domination. The Western world, however is not safe as the Islamic countries did not give up on their Jihad; thus, the game puts you in control of a fighter airplane, and sends you on a number of missions, all of them bent on aiding the war effort. The game looks relatively modern, with cool 3D graphics, good enough for the early 90s, and sufficiently detailer. You have two main view options, one from the cockpit, the other from the outside of your striker. Controls are great at the helm of a joystick with throttle, but, given the rather arcade production of the game, you can endeavor to play the game via keyboard with little loss of detail. The great thing about the game is that it has enough missions, both in terms of quantity as well as diversity, to keep you satisfied for long hours. SO, if you wanted an airplane sim/arcade blend with a war setting, Strike Commander can definitely offer you a good fix. Alternatively, download Chuck Yeager´s Air Combat, released in that same period, and a good flight game as well.

A must play air combat simulation

It is yet another very good air combat flight simulation game and is probably among the very best as I see it. The combat sets off due to the political changes that occurred 20 years ago and have started to show impact in 2011. The game is basically about a fighter pilot's group which is known as wildcats and you will get to control them in your air combat against the enemy. The story does not end here and moves on as you play the game and this keeps you interested in knowing what will happen next. Your mission is very typical and is to lock the enemy targets and plane and bring them down using variety of different weapons and missiles that are incorporated in the F-16 fighter jets that you have in the game. Before giving any verdict about the controls or graphics, let me tell you that the sound in the game is what really urged me to keep playing it because it is really thrilling and is best suited to the gameplay. The graphics in the game are by no means average as they are very lag free and clear and are supported by good realistic animations and color combination. The game has the same feel as Apache Longbow and is probably even better.

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