F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Flight Military Simulator

With the Tomcat through the air!

F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender is a realistic simulation of the behavior as well as the types of missions in which the Tomcat F14 combat warbird would be used. It's graphically very well realized, with loads of detail poured into the interior of the aircraft as well as the exterior spaces, the maps, and especially the earth surfaces that the plane will soar over. The realism spans in many directions, from the behavior of the warbird to the extensive physics simulation but most of all in the design and delivery of the missions. This last layer is the one that is the best, as it includes well crafted, well delivered missions, and also, it is always paying homage to verisimilitude. No such thing as taking entire battalions of tanks by yourself, no endless mid air dogfights that never seem to come to an end, etc. Overall, F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender is realistic but it is also fun, for those that appreciate simulation with all the drab waiting times and the rather long periods of inactivity! But, that is on what the game prides itself, and don't worry, when action is headed your way, you will soon go from relax mode to hyper drive mode, as the game can be quite intense! A good alternative can also be the master or realism IL-2 Sturmovik which truly shines in terms of playability and realism taken to the edge!

Best flight sim ever

This game has got to be one of the most realistic flight simulation ever released, along with helicopter simulation Apache Longbow or Tornado. F-14 Defender is a simulation of the F-14 Tomcat that accurataey and with detail describes what happens inside this kind of fighter jet. Three campaign theatres are included in this game - the Oceana training theatre, the North Cape theatre and the Mediterranean theatre. The only problem with this game is that the unfamiliar player will have a lot deal of learning and adjusting to do. The game even includes two manuals to help the buyer comprehend all the details, but the game is worth the time. In this awesomeness of a game you have full control of not only the pilot, but the radar intercept officer in the radar cockpit as well, making you feel like god in heaven. The graphics are great for that time, with awesome detail and rich texture. Fleet Defender overall looks very realistic. To be true to reality, the game doesn't have any music in the background, only sounds of the planes engine. The game is really hard, there is no point in lying. But that can only give more challenge to the player who will probably spend the next afternoon, evening and night flying his jet. The game is that good. Highly recommended!

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