Apache Longbow

Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Digital Integration Flight Military Helicopter Combat Modern

4 combat theaters; test your helicopter piloting skills

In Apache Longbow you will be flying the versatile AH-64 Apache helicopter, which is one of the most versatile and capable helicopters, to be used in a multitude of situations, within the most harsh of environments and within varying conditions of the battlefield. It takes a while lot to be a good helicopter pilot, and this game does indeed sells itself on being realistic. Thus, you can't even hope to start and be able to play it, unless you have at least a game controller around. Now, in terms of missions, within the 4 distinct theaters of war that the game contains, the actual missions are quite diverse and quite different; you have to destroy Russian tanks, you have to target aircraft systems, and you will be firing a large number of missiles, all in all going through all the hurdles that a professional pilot can hope to go through during his lifetime. So, overall, Apache Longbow is truly a worthy simulation, and you should definitely give it a go. It won't disappoint, no matter what you want, as long as you've got simulation on your mind. For more immediately playable experiences, a game such as Sim Copter is much less difficult to play and also more fun, as it has more immediately playable missions.

Chopper in the air sarge

Apache Longbow is a combat fight helicopter simulator game and it concentrates only on one aircraft the American AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter. Apache was released in 1995 for DOS and it is considered one of the best simulator games of the nineties. In your chopper, you can fly into combat around Yemen, Korea or Cyprus or, if you are just a beginner, you can have a training level beforehand in Fort Hood, Texas. You can choose between Single Player, Two Player, Campaign Mode, and there is a network option for network multiplayer. While in the cockpit of the helicopter, you are equipped with all the equipment it has the radar/fire control system, weaponry and other gadgets of the original Apache, but a little simplified, which might disappoint hardcore sim fans but won't mind the rest. It's recommended to use the joystick for easier control of the craft's various controls, but you can also use the keyboard keeping in mind that it will probably be a handfull. As for graphics, they are simple, but enough detailed to know where you are, where are you going and what are you shooting at. The game also has a pleasant rock music in the background, enhancing that army baddass feeling you get while flying one the most lethal helicopters in the world. If you like aircraft sims and don't mind the outdated graphics, give the game a spin or two, I think you might like it.

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