Adventure 1995 Windows Craig Pell Medieval

Remake of a seminal icebreaker for maze gaming

Indenture on the ATARI 2600 was a genre opener, one of the first games to create a mini adventure game where you controlled a character through a series of mazes, trying to avoid enemies and collection keys. You know how that recipe was adopted, in RPGs, in FPSes, in action games and in other games as well. But when Indenture did it was almost unseen! So, in 91, this one developer thought the time had come to pay homage to the game, which it surely deserved, and created the original almost exactly. What was added was the usual DOS extra commands, to make it easier to load it, but the game was almost one to one a recreation of the ATARI game. Now, for a game as small and as limited as it is, making use of no more than 3 colors at a time, and even that with interlacing and other tricks, Indenture sure was a fun experience. With quite a few screens to lose yourself into. So yeah, play it, it's homage to a true pioneer. Then go and play Jet Set Willy, another classic that borrowed the same key hunting recipe and took it further.

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