Maze Adventures

Action 1986 Dos Keypunch Strategic scope Puzzle based

Diamond Digger, Block Five, Rogue Runner, The Maze Machine

Keypunch, the company that put these games together was not the one that created them; the creator was Scott Miller, an Apogee developer, whom hadn't consented to having these shareware games released in a bundle. But, well, in the mid 80s the copyright rules were not as stringent, so, all in all, they had get away with it. At any rate, the game contains maze games, very simple ones, in truth, ASCII based and maze based. You have Diamond Digger, a sort of Digger game, Block Five, a puzzler, Rogue Runner, a sort of Pac Man like, and The Maze Machine, yet another very simple, crude action game, seen from above. So, while none of these games are anything too fancy, programmed by one individual only, they are worth looking into, just for the sake of exploring these very DOS like BBS era games. Else, for a more advanced game bundle, download Microsoft Arcade, a cool collection of retro arcade titles, repackaged by Microsoft (with copyrights granted to the developers, this time!)and, overall, with better graphics, better gameplay, and just right, from an ethical perspective.

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