Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Cryo Interactive Medieval 3D action adventure Point and click Fantasy

Forge your destiny!

It might be looking a bit dated and rough around the edges, but Dragon Lore is actually a pretty fun point-and-click adventure, in the style of Myst. It's not without its faults, but there's something about it which makes it an enjoyable choice for fans of this style of thing, although the sequel, Heart of the Dragon Man, fares less well. You find yourself in the role of a young orphan in a fantasy-style world, whose father has been assassinated and who has entrusted you with looking after the family farm. However, your father's killer, the Devil's Horseman, now has dark plans for the world, so it's your job to venture forth, take up arms and do everything you can to save your home from descending into darkness. What follows is a classic Cryo adventure, where you explore, speak to various bizarre characters and solve the many puzzles which bar your progress. This one sticks to the Cryo blueprint pretty much all the way, and it's this aspect which can be seen to be both its positive and negative aspect. It does look fairly ropy today, with some pretty ugly character and environment work, and some notably wobbly animation. The story too isn't great, with some uninteresting characters and a general sense of unoriginality. The puzzles lack depth but are made awkward by the interface, and it's very easy to get stuck or lost because of this. The voice acting isn't great either, but there's something about the whole product which manages to get past these issues and if you do enjoy such games, you might find some enjoyment here.

Farm boy on an grand adventure

Dragon Lore : The Legend Beings is a fabulous fantasy point and click adventure game (like Death Gate) and a great treat for all fantasy fans. The plot is maybe a little typical for an adventure game - you are a simple farm boy who suddenly has to go on the adventure of his life fighting monsters, solving puzzles and discovering the big bright world. Of course, nothing is what it seems and the simple farm boy may not be just a farm boy.. The gameplay is standard point and click style with 3D visuals from a first person perspective. The game has fantastic FMV sequences, extremely realistic voice acting and amazing visuals for 1995. It's very dynamic with rich texture and color, and the first person perspective combined with very realistic visuals makes you believe you are really in the game. The design is great, everything is where it should be and the game is simple in its interface. The soundtrack is also amazing througout the game with authentic sounds making the realistic experience even deeper. This is one of the best adventure games I've seen and I highly recommend it.

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