Island Peril

Action 1995 Dos Atlantean Interactive Games Shooter

Low production value shooter, not much fun to play

Island Peril is a shooter game that feels very underwhelming. I personally find campy, B kind of productions great, as long as they are, you know, good! I am sworn TROMA movies fan, but these movies really had cool production values and soul. Not the way things are with this B category shooter, which for the most part is broken. The levels are simply soulless, the enemies are as stupid as they could have gotten, while, also, the lack of polish is a lot of things but not interesting or drawing you in. Nope, Island Peril is just a normative game, done to meet some goals by a team, which, most probably, did not care about their game. Doom like in terms of mechanics and general type of interactivity, Island Peril just doesn't go beyond the most basic of interactions and production, which is simply a letdown, and when not broken, and thus unplayable, the game is simply lacking in fun. So, no matter how you look at it, Island Peril is a bad game, at times almost unplayable, and at the best of times simply lacking in any staying power or spark of ideas. Avoid it, you won't miss anything.

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