Duke Nukem 3D

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox 3D Realms Shooter Futuristic Aliens invasion Mature Content

Dukes first person shooter in the style of Doom

Duke Nukem 3D and the buffer version, Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, make up a staple of first person shooting gaming similar to what Doom had brought forth, but with enough original ideas to put the series on the map. And also, enough to let the developers keep us waiting for the better part of more than 15 years, until a new Duke game would be released! (Though a few other games in the series, starring Duke would be released in the meantime, truth be told) But, for the time being, Duke did not aspire to be the best and the greatest, he just wanted to shoot aliens in the face while getting hunk cute with the ladies. The game has a simple, straightforward recipe: you shoot the aliens with the best and the meanest weapon you have at your disposal at the time while everything else is just a second thought in the equation, rather an afterthought just meant to give the game a little more depth. What am I talking about? I am talking about some motorcycle racing, some puzzle solving and some one liners spewed by the protagonist from time to time. Graphically, the game is well stationed in the kind of environments that you will know as crude Doom like interiors, and few outside, poor looking exteriors. The game reuses its tilesets, manages to create corridors well but nothing else much. The enemies, all wacky cartoonish aliens, sprite based put on a relatively good challenge. So, give or take, Duke Nukem 3D sure is worth a revisit, but I'd suggest you try the Atomic Edition directly. It is the same game with a bit more content in it and a cleaner, bug wise, game.

Awesome game, Easily the best in the Series

This game was one of my faves when i was young, and it still is today. Though i used a massive mod pack made by a person called Master Faster, his mod pack kept the game alive for me since it offers up to 43 mods all with alternate display version, some even in high-resolution. I've played the past games and almost all the recent games in the Duke Nukem series, but this game is easily my most favourite and the best, as all the recent games were not FPS and instead like the classic sidescroller game. If you ever wanted to use advanced weaponry, kill aliens, or even chew bubble gum, you'll wanna play this game. Even the usual FPS fan nowadays might wanna play this, even if it has no grenades, it has dual missile launchers, a freezethrower, laser tripwire bombs, and acually pipe bombs, also a three barrelled machinegun.

A Timeless Classic

Duke Nukem 3D is one of the best shoot `m up games around, because it has great graphics for its age (800x600 SVGA support), fantastic music and the gameplay is also top quality. On the whole Duke Nukem 3D contains enough variation to keep you busy for many hours, this is because it contains three episodes and around 30 missions, to finish all those missions you will need a lot of time, this is because you have to do multiple things at once, for example kill monsters, search for keys, search for a specific door and find the exit. Duke Nukem 3D is a true classic and I want to say "check it out!!", simply because it's so damn good.

Some cheats...

Cheat codes add to the fun after you've beaten the game. DNSTUFF = Give you everything DNCORNHOLIO = GOD MODEDNWEAPONS = ALL Weapons DNCLIP = USED to walk through "walls" This games pays homage to several pop culture items with quirky references such as: Evil Dead(Series), Hunt for Red October, and others.

Nobody steals our chicks

Here it is, he's Duke Nukem 3D. An awesome first person shooter by 3D Realms. The 3D "sequel" of the previous Duke Nukem games. This time duke has to free the Earth from the overcoming menace of an alien race that has invaded the planet and kidnapped it's female population for reproductive purposes. You will face an entire horde of aliens, from laser shooting dinosaur-like monsters to mutated police officers. The full version has three episodes packed with some serious action, destructive weapons and powerful end episode bosses. You have to download and play it because "Nobody steals our chicks, and lives". Isn't that true?

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