Jagged Alliance 2

RPG 1999 Windows TalonSoft Organized Forces Real time Turn based Role playing Turn based strategy Violent Strategy Gore Modern

An addictive tactical role playing hybrid

Much in the same style as the original Jagged Alliance, this sequel puts you in command of a squad of mercenaries. You will play as if you were at the help of a RPG, however there are a few crucial differences. The setting is a dystopian world, and you are tasked with reclaiming territories from your enemies. Arulco, the game world, is a perilous world, and therefore, your every decision will have to take into account every nook and cranny where you can hide, and use strategies that lead to as much damage to your enemies as possible. Battles are played in grid environment, Though you are playing in real time, you can speed or slow time to offer a tactical advantage to your team. When not engaged in battle, you will see the world from an isometric perspective and exploration while under the threat of a new enemy encounter will be the way of the game. The game can still raise your adrenaline and if you love the thrill of exploration as well as well thought out battles, this game will not let you down.

A good mercenary game

I was always impressed by JA2. The graphics, sound, control and story have all impressed me and made me sit through the game for a long time.The story takes place in a fictional country know as Arulco, which is lead by ruthless monarch Dreidanna, for several years. You're put in control of several mercenaries and with the help of local citizens, your task is to take this monarch down.The game uses a strategic map screen of the country where you can issue high level strategic orders to your troops, such as travelling or prolonged training. I have found the combat in the game to similar like in Commandos, where you move and shoot. One thing I have found interesting is that you can explore some of the buildings in the surrounding area, being able to see their interior.The music and sound effects are great and the voice actors do a very nice job.

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