Dungeon Keeper

RPG 1997 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Strategic scope Organized Forces Real time Dungeons and Dragons Action Strategy

Dark and twisted take on the fantasy strategy genre

Dungeon Keeper is Peter Molyneux's take on the fantasy strategy genre and mixes together elements of his previous games like Populous and Syndicate, along with Civilization and Fantasy General, to create a fine strategy game that was revolutionary for its time. It's a little like a fantasy version of The Settlers, where players are charged with creating and managing their own personal dungeon, marshalling their resources, building up their defences and launching devastating raids on their rivals. While all this sounds familiar, it is the depth, complexity and twisted sense of humour that makes Dungeon Keeper stand out and everything about the game has been so clearly thought out. For example, the world possesses a believable ecology where the relationships between creatures is well defined and which feels genuinely real as a result, while the descriptions of your guide through this world, The Mentor, are delightfully dark. Dungeon Keeper also offers plenty of opportunities for strategy and tactics, with combat that is enjoyably challenging and with resource management testing your decision making and planning skills. Visually, the game remains quite striking, with bold creature and level design that creates a strong atmosphere of dread and grim adventure but which maintains the humorous touch, and with sound to match. There isn't much in the way of a story and instead the game offers a more open-ended experience, so if you're looking for strong narrative with a sense of purpose and progression, you're likely to be disappointed. However, if you want something a little unusual to flex your strategy muscles but which also appeals to your dark side, then this is well worth investigating, as is the sequel Dungeon Keeper 2.

Be the master of your little underworld!

This is both a builder game, as well as a strategy game, as well as a resource management game, in which you play as a mischievous devil figure that looks to create the world's most treacherous dungeon ever! So, part a builder game, you will also have to educate (!) your minions, to do their jobs or to accomplish your goals. This can be quite fun, but ultimately you have to keep in mind your resources as well. There are also strange intruders that want to attack you, you the ruler of the dark world! So how can you prevent that?! Well, put spikes everywhere! Everywhere I say! Well, not quite everywhere, as your Dungeon also has to allow other living things to mess about without being killed. It's a mischievously fun game, that is for sure! The game was a bit of a gender blender back in the day, and many had attacked it for being a bit purpose less. Indeed, it's sandboxy, but if you invest a bit of imagination into it, it can be tenfold more fun than so many more Sims and sim lookalike games. So, that's that for it, expect building, rebuilding, being invaded, resisting invasions and a lot of giggles. With all this going for it, it also manages to be a fun game! Play the second title as well, for a more feature full game.

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