Dungeon Keeper 2

RPG 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Isometric Organized Forces Real time Dungeons and Dragons Action Fantasy Strategy

Better than the first; an underground fortress manager still

Dungeon Keeper 2 is a hefty update of the Dungeon Keeper original, a game that made you into a keeper/manager of an underground dungeon, and asked you to create both an impenetrable fortress, as well as a fortress which, in case of a breach, could be able to offer the intruders a bad time! That recipe is followed in this second game in the series too, as you're still a baddie dungeoneer, however, this time, your work and your enjoyment of that work is much aided by better graphics, both in the tile sets as well as the animations and the look of the NPCs, you can alternate between a close quarters camera and the top down isometric camera look, and also, you now have another story that accompanies the solo campaign in the game. You will have formed an alliance with the Horned reaper (ooohh!) and together you hope to be able to invade the empires above, so as to no longer need to stay under the surface of the Earth, always hiding, always afraid. At any rate, the gameplay is much smoother, with puzzle elements added to the basic strategy portion and with more traps than ever, to keep everyone away, except, of course, fun. Fun is all around in this one!

Why would a game always be about the good guy?

I thought the original Dungeon Keeper game was fantastic, but it's nothing compared to it's sequel. We have the same great game, only with better 3D graphics and now the new ability to posses your demons so you can attack the good heroes personally. The game is harder in many aspects - the spells now cost money, and there is a limited amount of gold at your disposal and you won't be getting more. All of this was necessary to make a game that is even better than its predecessor, and they made it big time. The game looks absolutely amazing. The gameplay is still ultra fun and now with a pinch of more challenge than before. Bullfrog made another great job and made a great game even better. Dungeon Keeper fans, dig in, you'll love it! For other great Bullfrog games, check out the similar Populous : The Beginning, where you are also a god and have to keep pests away.

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