Jet Set Willy 2

Action 2001 Windows Platformer

Pretty good action platformer

It's an action platform game which is a sequel to the original one and has a more diverse gameplay this time. In the previous installment, Willy has made back to his vast mansion with a great fortune and is now having a party at the mansion. After the party is over, the whole mansion is a mess and the maid of Willy has refused to clean up the mess. Now Willy will have to do it all himself and there is a word in the mansion that the previous owner was a scientist who went mad and created some evil objects which are spread in the remote rooms of the mansion. So it is same gameplay of exploring and collecting objects but this time around you have to go through 100 rooms and gather about 150 objects while avoiding the guardians or the creations of the mad scientist. Well it's easy said than done as the A1 in the game is competitive. The gameplay though broader is pretty much the same but they have added some improved scenarios and graphics to it which makes the game more interesting than the prequel. Those who have loved Jet Set Willy will surely admire this installment.

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