3D Frog Frenzy

Action 1999 Windows Cosmi Corporation Platformer 3D Arcade

3D platforming and minigames, really neat and playable

3D Frog Frenzy is a pretty decent and thoroughly enjoyable platformer game, filled with loads of missions and with loads of diverse puzzles (more inclined towards action puzzlery then the kind where you sit and think and re think over and over again!) an all this is delivered in a very cartoony, great looking and visually stimulating manner. It's a children's game, for sure, but it's also the kind that can be enjoyed by parents who want to get involved in their kids virtual entertainment. Thus, don't worry, you won't go crazy bored, in fact, at times, your child might even demonstrate you that they're more resourceful than you, with certain puzzles. So, yeah, take 3D Frog Frenzy and have it around, it's not an edutainment bundle but it sure is an involving action adventure, based on minigame type levels, so that ultimately it is pretty diverse. Plus, everyone loves leaping frogs and a colorful world. Let your little ones see it, I'm pretty sure they'll like it,and if not, there's a world of options out there, just browse at your leisure!

Frogger in 3D

3D Frog Frenzy took the idea of a classic old school arcade game and decided to make it 3D. From the very first level, you feel like playing classic Frogger game, but in 3D.

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