Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Action 1999 Windows Eidos Platformer Adventure Tpp

Dark and bloody adventure

This sequel to the original Blood Omen adds in a whole new dimension to its predecessor's mix of action, RPG and puzzling shenanigans and now stands as an exciting and enjoyable adventure for those who like their games dark and bloody. The game is set in the same twisted fantasy world of vampires and gods, and weaves a complex tale of vengeance as a soldier in a vampire army is given new life and an opportunity to bring down those who betrayed him. Players take control of Raziel, who seeks to destroy the vampire clans, and with the game unfolding in traditional third-person perspective, similar to Tomb Raider, with a nice blend of exploration, combat and platforming, as they jump in and out of the real world and the shadow realm. The two realms are similar but subtle differences between them offer new opportunities for exploration and for Raziel to use his abilities, which are also gained by defeating enemies. He also has some pretty fearsome combat skills and which are enhanced by the array of weapons which can be collected, including the Soul Reaver itself, a blade of immense power. The game world is largely open and which can be explored at will, although some areas may need certain abilities to enter but this only encourages players to return and which contributes to the game's lasting appeal. Perhaps one of Soul Reaver's strongest points is its incredibly well-realised world which is haunting, atmospheric and superbly detailed, with an abundance of Gothic environments to enjoy. The puzzles are largely of the block-based variety but are enjoyable and challenging enough, so when you add this to the satisfying and fluid combat, excellent visuals and compelling narrative, you have all the makings of a first-rate adventure that deserves to be played.

A wraith on a path to revenge

Legacy of Kain is a hugely popular dark fantasy action adventure game and Soul Reaver is the sequel to this epic game saga. This game introduces another antihero protagonist called Raizel, who is a lieutenant to the vampire lord Kain, and we follow him on his road to revenge his brutal murder. Gameplay relies largely on shifting between the material and spectral planes of existence to progress through areas. The spectral realm can be a big advantage for you since you can walk over water and pass through usually impassable areas. The graphics are truy outstanding, with much detail, and there are a lot of dark colors and a dark, gothic setting to emphasize the dark atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is fairly simple, yet some may complain that it's repetative, and not all will be satisfied with the game's ending. Although not perfect, this game is a great sequel of the now eponymous game series that is one of the best of the adventure series, along with Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. A must have.

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